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Live Nation is producing a big two-day music festival in Plano, Texas called Suburbia Music Festival. Their diverse line-up of David Guetta, Alabama Shakes, Tegan and Sara, Blue October, Twenty One Pilots, SOMO, and many more will be taking the stage May 3rd through May 4th. KANM will be having ticket giveaways all next week. So check our Facebook and Twitter for when they will be taking place and make sure to listen for your chance to win!

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Suburbia Music Festival

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Music Review Monday: Luxury Problems by Andy Stott

Andy StottAndy Stott’s previous releases, notably his last two EPs We Stay Together and Passed Me By, were strong statements in the techno world. These releases were menacing, destructive, and yet beautifully haunting all at the same time. It hinted at a new shift in the UK house scene, a shift painted in black and white surrealism. With his latest release to arrive on the music scene in October 2012, Stott takes us on a charred, bass driven waltz with Luxury Problems. Stott’s latest LP takes the same ideas from his last two EPs and gives them a fearless, menacing rebirth.

Luxury Problems takes the same aspects from We Stay Together and Passed Me By: sluggish bass lines, club beats pitched down to a crawl, and an overall violent industrial influence. He then adds one simple element to achieve his critically acclaimed sound: vocals. With the help of a former female mentor of his, Stott is given more power to create tracks that kick up the dirt and debris found in his own techno wasteland. “Numb” and “Hatch the Plan” take every opportunity they can to make the vocals sound angelic and harmonious. Hushed and soulful, these vocals manage to lead listeners further into his dark abyss. On the other extreme, the vocals in “Lost and Found” are almost opera-like, and pair well with the sluggish chug of the bass line in the background. This hint at some gothic new-wave club sound helps Stott polish his technique on proper song structuring. However, he never stays still in just one place at once. Stott wanders into other crevasses in his wasteland, constructing more abstract sounds with tracks like “Expecting” and “Up the Box”. These two tracks are the slowest BPMs that Stott has ever played with, and in doing so creates nothing short of a long, drawn out sonic oblivion that fans of the genre would never want to end. The dark, ominous environment Stott creates here can be extremely difficult to listen to at times, but the experience of doing so is unlike anything I’ve come across from music in a long time.

Andy Stott’s previous releases seem to have been a peek into this beautifully chaotic world that Luxury Problems creates. His elements of dub techno and grimy house music are the building blocks of his sonic landscape that slowly eat away at themselves and force listeners to gently sway back and forth with every beat. No other producer has come close to this musical territory. Mentioning an act like Burial would only leave comparison to their similar use with vocal treatments. With Luxury Problems, Andy Stott has given listeners a thorough look at the extremely dark, cavernous wasteland that he loves and calls home.

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